I didn’t send my daily article yesterday because my wife broke her arm. I had to fly home early to help with our 6-month-old. Luckily she’s all good now – just in a sling and on lots of Ibuprofen.

The show must go on, so here I am writing a longer edition of my daily article.

I sent a survey the other day, and the most requested topics were: 

  1. AI
  2. Mindset 
  3. Offer creation 

I’m very excited to go deeper into these in the upcoming weeks. AI is a special focus because it will revolutionize how smaller, savvier entrepreneurs compete with bigger established ones who aren’t using the technology. 

So let’s start with that. 

Most people use ChatGPT. But I suggest you try the  Open AI Playground. It’s similar to using ChatGPT but you get to see how it works from “under the hood”. You can adjust settings to get more precise results. I’m not completely sure if it’s only for paid users. If it is, it’s totally worth the cost. 

For example, ChatGPT limits responses to about 500 words. But you can increase that to around 1500 words in the playground. This lets you work on much longer content without breaking it up. 

I find ChatGPT/OpenAI most useful for

  • Doing market research – identifying *specific* pain points & desires of target audience so you can create content and copy that connects with them
  • Copywriting – writing headlines, bullets, leads, stories. Right now I’m running a lead generation campaign where the AI-generated headline is converting higher than all the headlines I came up with myself
  • Editing writing – making writing clearer, more persuasive and more engaging 
  • Idea generation – AI is amazing for coming up with analogies and metaphors for explaining technical concepts, and getting other ideas 
  • Graphic design – I’m not an expert in this field, but my designer used Midjourney to create all the graphics for a new brand we launched. They look amazing and I would have gladly paid at least $1k+ for them.

In the coming weeks, we’ll dive into each of these in more detail.

First, let’s talk about the mindset needed for using AI. It’s not a quick way to get rich. Nor will it magically solve all your problems.

AI will help you improve your business processes. But first, you need to have those processes in place.

Let’s say I’m writing a long sales letter. I’ll generally follow these steps… 

  • I research the market using a list of 40+ questions. I find answers by talking to customers, browsing forums, and reading book reviews on Amazon
  • I study the product and list all its features and benefit
  • I come up with a big idea
  • I create an outline for the sales argument
  • I write the first draft of the headline, lead, body copy, bullets, offer, and close
  • I edit and then edit some more
  • I share it with others for feedback
  • Finally, I edit some more

I can use AI to help with all of these steps individually. But I cannot be like, 

“ChatGPT, write me a long form sales letter about X. K thx bye.” 

There’s always some manual work involved.

But when done correctly, using AI will save you many hours without sacrificing quality. My last long-form sales letter took me maybe 10-12 hours to research and write. The one before that, where I didn’t use AI, took at least three times as long.

The point is, you first need to understand your exact business processes before you can streamline them.

If you don’t already, start figuring that out now. Break down different parts of your business into small, specific steps. Then experiment with which parts can be done using AI, while still maintaining a quality level of at least 70-80%. Do that and you’ll be able free up hours upon hours of your time each week. 

Have a great rest of your weekend.