Here’s a simple exercise to manifest something you want into your physical reality: 

Even if you’re not into manifestation, you can still use this as a way to achieve your goals faster. It’s an exercise I learned from Fredrick Dodson and I can confirm it works. It’s kinda weird but it works. And you don’t have to believe me either. You can try it yourself and literally FEEL your state change.

Here’s what you do: 

First, state your intention in the present moment out loud…

“My business makes $30,000 every single month”

“I get 100 new customers from my launch”

“My weight is 150 pounds”

Then, notice what objections come up automatically, and say that out loud. 

“I’ve never done that before”… “Yeah right, that will never happen”…. “I’ve failed so many times in the past”….“I don’t want to exercise every day”… whatever comes up, just say it. 

You simply repeat these 2 steps over and over again… 

Until you have no more objections.

Now when you state your intention, it will feel more “true”.

This doesn’t guarantee you get what you want right away. But what this will do is put you in the perfect state for inspired action. Meaning your action feels effortless instead of forced. 

Ultimately, action is what leads to creation of what you desire in your reality. But many times, we don’t take the action we should because of these unconscious objections. So what this exercise does is make those objections conscious, so they can be released. Over time, more objections will come up. Especially when you start taking action. Things won’t go your way and you’ll move back into the “resistance” state. But just redo this exercise to move back into alignment. 

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.