If you’re on my list, chances are you’re some type of high-achiever.

Even if you feel like you haven’t “made it” yet, the fact you’re building your own business and investing in learning puts you above most people in terms of ambition and work ethic. 

I’m not saying that to boost your ego, but to point out that you possess rare traits most people don’t have, or even care to develop.  

These traits will pull you towards success.

However, there is one important trait I think most entrepreneurs LACK, especially if you are into personal development.

It’s something world-champion athletes have…  

And it’s something all billionaires possess…

And that is: total unshakeable belief in themselves. 

Sometimes to the point of delusion. 

And in my opinion, this belief in yourself is the single most important key to your success. 

I know that might sound cliche and you’ve probably heard it before, but have you embodied it? 

Take for example UFC fighter Connor McGregor. I think the guy’s an asshole in real life. But I love watching him fight. His self-confidence is magnetic. There’s no doubt in his mind that he is the best and will win every fight. (Though his last few performances weren’t great, and maybe that’s because he got sloppy after his superstar fame).

And think about guys like Bill Gates and Elon Musk. When they first started, these guys had so much belief in their vision despite others not taking them seriously and calling them “delusional”. But they trusted themselves and didn’t listen to others.

Lots of people will argue it’s because they’re “smarter”. 

The average IQ of a self-made billionaire is 133. The average IQ in the world is around 100. So sure they’re 33% “smarter” but that doesn’t account for how they would make 100,000% more money. 

It all comes down to belief. 

Absolute belief you can and will achieve your dreams. Not some “I pumped myself up for 10 minutes with some affirmations” type of belief, but “zero shred of doubt in my entire being” conviction. It will feel like you’ve ALREADY achieved it internally, and just waiting for your external reality to “catch up”.

So now the question becomes, okay… HOW do I create this absolute conviction, especially if my current reality or past experiences doesn’t support that?

Well for starters, the technique I wrote about yesterday will help tremendously.  But there’s other things you can do too. 

I’ll share more in the upcoming weeks.

Have a great Sunday.