Have you heard of the Wealth Dynamics test?

It’s a personality test for entrepreneur types that’s pretty dead on.

The idea behind it is: there are many different ways to create wealth. The trick is figuring out what your own unique profile is, and once you do that you’ll find your own “golden path” to success.

The 8 profiles are… 

  1. Creator – Relies on innovative ideas and creations
  2. Star – Uses public recognition and personal brand to achieve success
  3. Supporter – Great at building teams and supporting others
  4. Negotiator – Excels at connecting different parties and brokering deals
  5. Trader – Has a knack for timing and can profit from market fluctuation
  6. Accumulator – Gradually builds wealth over time through consistent effort
  7. Lord – Focuses on the details, systems, and cash flow
  8. Mechanic – Perfects and scales already existing systems or products

Think of it as your entrepreneurial DNA. This test helps you figure out where you shine and where you could use some support. So you can double down on your strengths and outsource your weaknesses. 

Let’s say you’re a creator (like I am). You love starting new projects but you’re not so great at finishing them. This means you want a Mechanic or Supporter on your team to carry your vision to the finish line.

You can check it out here. It’s around $100 but I think you can find some discount codes. That’s not an affiliate link or anything. I just think it’s a cool tool (I just took it again myself and also having a new hire take it) so wanted to share.

Talk soon,