Yesterday, Wang Gang subscriber Spence emailed me asking about paid ads.

The business he’s working on is in the spirituality niche. It’s done $1M+ in revenue and getting customers mostly from content (IG and TikTok).

He and his partner wanted to grow the business with less of the content grind. They were thinking about bringing in an agency to help scale, and wanted my thoughts. 

My 2 cents? 

Before you let an agency take the reins, get your offer profitable on cold traffic yourself first. Either roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty, or get someone in-house who can.

In my book, most agencies can scale campaigns and keep the ball rolling, but are not very good at getting something working in the first place. And without something that works, there’s nothing to scale.

Yes, it will take more work and time investment on your part to do this. But if you learn the ropes, you gain the magic power to attract new customers for your business on demand. 

You’ll hear folks crying over FB’s changing algos or declaring “FB is dead”.

FB is getting harder for sure. But far from dead.

The truth is, getting your offer profitable on cold traffic requires a lot of love and attention. It requires testing, tweaking and optimizing. And it’s more than just buying traffic, it’s also copywriting and understanding your customers/market (that’s why agencies are a hit or miss).

Anyway, Spence asked if I had a process for getting offers profitable on cold traffic and my initial thought was “Nope, I just know the drill since I’ve done it so many times.”

But then I gave it some thought and realized I do have a process! 

I’ve used this recipe to get customers at a profit (or at the very least, breakeven) for 5 different offers in the last 10 months. 

If you’re interested, I break it down for you here:

This is a very rough outline, and parts of this probably won’t make sense right now. 

See you later,