Got this email from Wang Gang member Riccardo a few weeks ago,

I see lots of marketing courses and infos based on coaching, online courses and similar digital products but it’s hard nowadays to see some ad courses for physical products such as a cosmetic or a dietary supplement. is it possible to have a deep dive on those?

To be honest, running ads for supplements is not easy. They’re super competitive/saturated markets, and you’re going up against guys with very aggressive copywriting and billing practices. I know because I used to be in that space (as an affiliate) and had to get out because I was out of alignment. 

But if you’re going to go that route, what I would suggest is sell a digital course on the front end, and upsell supplements on the back end. 

Your course should give someone the complete blueprint to get their desired results: reverse aging, lose weight, get lean, etc. And then position the supplement as what will help them get results faster and easier.

And goes without saying the supplement actually needs to work 🙂 

On a related note, I have something really cool for you today-

I was invited to give a training for the 2023 Online Business Owner Virtual Summit. I just recorded it a few days ago and wanted to give you an exclusive look at the presentation before anyone else. 

It’s on paid FB ads – what I covered a few weeks ago, just much more in-depth

Take care,

Tony Wang