I flew up to SF to hang out with a mentor of mine today.

We discussed a lot of great business ideas and strategies that I have no doubt will make millions in the coming years.

But the part of our conversation that stuck with me the most was when we talked about something he calls “bitch mode.”

It’s exactly what it sounds like.

When you desire more success in an area in your life- more money, a growing business, an amazing relationships…

BUT you don’t wanna take on the extra responsibility.

So you act like a lil’ biatch.

You make excuses…

You blame other people…

You retell old stories about yourself…

And stay in your little bubble of comfort…. 

Instead of just being honest with yourself (or other people) about not wanting to take responsibility or make tradeoffs for success. 

For me, I didn’t want to do a daily newsletter for the longest time. I didn’t want the extra responsibility of building and growing a relationship with my audience. 

So every time I thought about it, I went into bitch mode. I avoided starting this newsletter for the longest time. Even though a deeper part of me knew my purpose is a to be teacher and guide for others.

The ego resists responsibility because it wants something for nothing. But the universe doesn’t work that way. In fact, you get punished when you avoid responsibility. And you are rewarded when you are willing to do what it takes.

Now this doesn’t mean you need to push yourself to the extreme and extinguish every ounce of weakness, David Goggins style.

You start by simply becoming aware of what you’re resisting. Consciously let yourself resist it. You can even deliberately intensify your resistance. Then just let it go.

When you do this, you’ll notice your resistance lessens. Because what you create consciously you have control over. 

This clears the way for new decisions and actions. 

And you expand your control over your reality.

It sounds too simplex but this is the “energetic” secret for creating more success in your life.