My parents and I immigrated to the US when I was 5. We were so poor I remember having to dig through dumpsters to find toys as a kid.

I promised myself that if I ever had kids, they would never have to experience that sort of financial lack.

In college, I learned how to build websites and sell stuff online. I published a book on skateboarding that helped pay for my tuition. I sold the business my senior year and used the money (around $8,000) to move out to LA and become a full time entrepreneur.  

My first year and a half on my own went horribly. I was living paycheck to paycheck in a tiny apartment, trying to get my business to work.

I was so stressed, I had to go to the hospital and was diagnosed with a gut illness. I got out a month later. I lost 40 pounds and looked like a skeleton, but at least my gut was better.

I started reading books on healing and spirituality. A lot of the books were pure nonsense, but I was able to find a coach who helped me clear my deep-rooted “mental blocks”, and from that point onward everything became a lot easier.

At the same time, I started studying copywriting and media buying. Within a few months, my income jumped 10-fold. I started investing in more training, coaches, mentors. 

Before I knew it, I had an 8-figure performance marketing company with a team of 10+ people. I felt like I finally made it, and became attached to this “success” identity. So of course, it was time for another slap in the face from the universe.

This time, the pain was not physical but mental and emotional. I became so work and success-addicted, my relationships started to suffer. I lost friendships. My wife and I had to go to counseling. And I lost almost a million dollars in bad investments to top it all off. 

So I began going inward again (with the help of some plants) to proactively process unresolved issues that were keeping my self-sabotage patterns alive. I worked with some of the world’s most knowledgeable, skilled and loving experts on spirituality and healing.

It was a painful process, but I came out with a deeper understanding and appreciation of my true self, and my purpose in life. A year later, my daughter Noah was born, who I promised to give a lifetime of love, guidance and abundance.

I wouldn’t be where I am today with the help and support of the amazing experts I met in my journey, who helped me through rough times with their wisdom. That’s why my mission is to help experts in helping professions grow their online business.

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